Brownman Ali
Marcus Ali
"Two Brothers, Two Horns, One Mind"
Aggressive urban-jazz grooves... Blazing horn-lines... Introspective funk...
Brownman Ali
trumpet / flugelhorn
Marcus Ali
alto / bari saxes

Conceived in the spirit of multi grammy winning outfit - "The Brecker Bros"
The Ali Bros embody the essence of jazz improvisational
ideology erupting against a backdrop of powerful urban grooves.
Funk, hip-hop, drum'n'bass, R'n'B all colliding with modern jazz textures.
The above audio track "Ache Of A Memory" features: Brownman Ali - trumpet, Marcus Ali - alto, Adrean Farrugia - rhodes, Tyler Emond - bass, Colin Kingsmore - drums
Their uncanny musical relationship enhanced by blood, Brownman and Marcus Ali together form an incredibly synergetic, almost telepathic bond making them one of the most called upon horn teams in the country. They have appeared side by side in countless horn sections in the Canadian professional music scene most nobably as the backbone to the multi-award winning latin-jazz ensemble CRUZAO, Juno nominated reggae artist JASON WILSON, modern house outfit FUNKY HI-LIFE, african masters RADIO NOMAD, merengue specialists DOMINICANADA, latin-house crew TUMBAO INC., Salsa powerhouse MARRON MATIZADO, latin-jazz-urban orchestra CRUZAO GRUPO MONSTRUOSO, jazz legend NORMAN MARSHALL VILLENEUVE, urban songstress SHYANN, and far too many more to list here...
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See a stellar review from the last ALI BROS FEAT. PHATT AL & ENLIGHT show
Press Release from performance at Toronto's Speak Easy.

Ali Brothers prepping to play with Randy BreckerOlder sibling watching the youngerRandy Brecker watching Brownmanl to r - Randy Brecker, Brownman, Marcus AliAli Brothers - image focus on BrownAli Brothers - image focus on MarcusA moment of on stage brotherly gigglesback row - L to R - Brown, Randy, Marcus | front row - Luisto, Chendy, Paco, Enlight
Images of The ALI BROS performing with RANDY BRECKER, of the multi-Grammy winning group The BRECKER BROS.
The ALI BROS band was conceived in the spirit of The BRECKER BROS.

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